Remote Control Cars
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Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars Tamiya On-Road

Remote Control Cars For Kids

Look for ready to run models that are durable and not so fast out of the box. Brands that have a lot of spare parts that you can readily buy at your local hobby shop. Electric powered.


Remote Control Car for Kids - Tamiya TT01, TA05

1/10 Tamiya TT01E XB - These are Expert built 4wd on-road r/c cars with realistic looking bodies. Some are even officially licensed replicas from BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen and more.

Remote Control Truck Traxxas Slash VXL

1/10 Off-Road Trucks - Popular are the short course (e.g. Traxxas Slash) and monster trucks (e.g. Tamiya Blackfoot). Lot's of fun running on dirt and doing jumps.

Remote Controlled Cars For Adults

For bashing, it's typically 1/5 gas buggy, 1/8 monster and 1/10 nitro stadium trucks. Or for speed freaks, the 100mph Traxxas X0-1. And for realism, the rc rock crawlers and scale 4x4 pickup trucks.

Scale Remote Controlled 4x4 Pickup Trucks

But if you intend to race, there are specific classes to choose from. Below are popular classes and some have IFMAR World Championships held every 2 years.

Remote Control Gas Buggy

1/8 Gas Buggy - One of the oldest and most popular class in off-road racing. These are 4wd buggies that go 40+ mph on dirt tracks.

Remote Control Touring Cars Tamiya 417

1/10 Touring Cars - For those who prefer on-road racing and precision driving. Speeds ranging from 20mph for stock classes to 60+ mph for modified class.

Remote control short course trucks

1/10 Short Course Trucks - Popular nowadays are the 4x4 SCT powered by 550 sized brushless electric motors and lipo batteries.

The next section will discuss the favorite of many, the loud and fast gas (or nitro) rc car...

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RC Cars for Kids -Tamiya

1/10 Tamiya TT01 remote controlled cars are perfect for kids. Durable and can take a beating.