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RC Drift Car Guide

Radio controlled drift cars are rising in popularity. Let's take a look at the best models from Tamiya, HPI and Yokomo.

RC Drift Car Yokomo Top Secret Silvia

1/10 Yokomo Drift Package with Top Secret Silvia body.

Tamiya Drift Cars

If you want to get started, the cheapest is the 1/10 TT01-D chassis. And you can choose from beautiful rc drift bodies such as the Datsun 240Z, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Lexus GS400, Subaru Impreza WRC 05 and the BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo.

Tamiya BMW M3 RC Drift Car

1/10 Tamiya TT01-D Drift Spec BMW M3 Sport Evo.

Nissan GTR RC Drift Car Tamiya

1/10 Tamiya TT01-D Nissan GT-R radio control electric car.

Then later you can buy high-end rc drift chassis designed for competition. These have more tuning capabilities. Take your pick of belt design (Tamiya TA05 VDF) or shaft (Tamiya TB03D and TB03 VDS).

RC Drift Car Tamiya VDF Gold

1/10 Tamiya VDF Gold Edition chassis. Graphite and gold anodized aluminum parts.

HPI Racing R/C Drift Cars

Another popular brand is HPI Racing. To my knowledge they and Yokomo are the only companies that sold a nitro rc drift car.

Their cheapest models are the 1/10 E10 and 1/10 Sprint 2 Drift chassis. The E10 has a Mazda RX-7 or Toyota Trueno AE86 body. The Sprint 2 Drift has a Chevy 2010 Camaro or Nissan 350Z body.

RC Drift Car Bodies HPI

1/10th scale drift bodies by HPI Racing. Choose from 190mm and 200mm wide body.

RC Drift Wheel and Tyres by HPI Racing

You can customize your ride with different wheels, tyres, spoilers, stickers and accessories.

Yokomo Drift Package R/C Cars

Yokomo is a well known radio control car company in Japan for building world championship winning models. They have over 40 different rc drift cars using their 1/10 Drift Package chassis.

RC Drift Car Yokomo

RC Drift Car Yokomo Goodyear GRX130

RC Drift Car Yokomo Toyota Trueno AE86

Source: www.teamyokomo.com

If you are looking for nitro powered, you might get lucky and find the 1/10 Yokomo Nitro Drift D1-Spec with the HKS S15 RS-2 body.

Nitro Drift Car Yokomo

Take your pick. Whether HPI Racing, Tamiya or Yokomo, you will be buying a good chassis with the best r/c drift bodies in the hobby. Here are some local hobby shops and online stores to help you buy.

The next section will discuss the most popular category...

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Tamiya TT01-D Chassis

1/10 Tamiya TT01-D chassis is 4wd and shaft drive. Enclosed drivetrain good on dirty surfaces.

RC Car HPI Sprint 2 Drift

1/10 HPI Racing Sprint 2 Drift chassis. Waterproof electronics and realistic drift tires.

RC Car Yokomo Drift Package Chassis

1/10 Yokomo Drift Package SSG conversion kit. Over 40 drift bodies to choose from.

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