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RC Car Introduction and F.A.Q

How fast to they go?

Anywhere from 10mph - 40mph out of the box. With faster motor and hop ups, 60+ mph. The new 1/7 Traxxas XO-1 goes 100mph out of the box.

How much do they cost?

Cheapest starts at around USD$90.00 and can go upwards of USD$700.00 for serious racing machines. Beginner rc cars would range from $100 - $300 ready-to-run (RTR) out of the box.

While it may seem expensive compared to an XBOX or PSP, the realism of playing and racing an rc car cannot be matched by a video game. Plus you get to meet new friends and get out of the couch.

Gas or electric powered?

This depends on what you prefer. If loud sounds, realism and long run times are what you want, then gas powered rc cars are for you. But if you want hassle free and quiet runs, buy electric rc cars.

Beginners would do best to start with an electric powered rc model.

What are the best brands and models for beginners?

The best brands with kits for beginners are Tamiya, Traxxas, HPI, Kyosho, Losi and Team Associated. Stick to these well known brands as their quality is better than the cheap brands.

Durability and parts support is important as beginners would crash, and crash often during the learning process. Well known brands use better plastics and harder metals for a more durable r/c car. And with bigger brands, parts support and distribution is typically better.

The next section will discuss the various classes and types of remote control cars (e.g. On-road, Off-road, buggy, crawlers, drift, etc)...

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100 mph Traxxas RC Car

1/7th Scale Traxxas X0-1. Top speed 100mph. Sale price $1,099.

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