RC Car Parts
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RC Car Parts

Here are some photos comparing the parts of an electric vs nitro gas rc vehicles. Becoming familiar with these will help you understand what spare parts to buy to repair your kits.

Electric RC Car Parts

Main components are the electric motor (brushed or brushless), electronic speed control and 7.4v battery pack.

RC Car Parts Electric On-Road

RC Car Parts Electric Buggy

Nowadays the technology used are 2.4GHz radio control systems, brushless electric motor and Lipo batteries.

Nitro RC Car Parts

Main items are the 2-stroke nitro engine, muffler, disk brakes, 2-speed transmission and special fuel.

RC Car Parts Nitro Touring

RC Car Parts Nitro Buggy

Please note the engine type. There are engines that run on special r/c fuel made for cars and there are engines that run on gasoline mixed with 2T oil. Be careful.

Parts you will need for nitro are fuel, glow plug igniter and bump starter for the engine (unless the engine is a pull start type).

So remember to order the critical spare parts when buying your kit.

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RC Car Parts to Buy

I recommend buy spare parts such as suspension arms, driveshafts and spur gears to keep your kits up and running. Spring, shocks, tires, pinion and other hop up parts to tune your rc car.

RC Car Spare Parts to Buy

  • Suspension arms
  • Steering knuckles
  • Spur gear
  • Drive shafts

Hop Up Parts for Tuning

  • Body
  • Tires
  • Pinions
  • Shocks and springs

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